Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A note to the public at large

Coffee shops are..
1) a place to get coffee and small snack
2) a place to have a sit
3) a SOCIAL gathering spot.

You see, they are not a library, they are not a quiet place to contemplate life
They are a place where people talk, laugh and listen to loud music (the
barista's can that is)

Now if you don't understand the idea of Social groups, go back to
kindergarten because that is where they teach people such things.


meghan said...

Given the nature of this post, it sounds like I might have missed something last night?

Joyce said...

The thing that gets me is he KNEW we would be there...he sat in the midst of us last week. I said to him "we will get louder and more numerous" and he said "yes,I know. I have seen you here every Tuesday."

Chris said...

Wow, did someone have a meltdown at Blue Moon last night?!

4. Not your personal office space, no matter what you think.