Monday, June 15, 2009

DR Skiggles CD (cat doctor)

So Mom got back from something called a Wedding. She sat down at this
wheel thing right away.* I may have to get rid of it.
The wheel tried to take off one of my whiskers when all I was doing
was investigating the string.

Today Mom was out side for a bit. Then she came back in with this
white thing on her hand. I checked it out. There are 4 stitches.
This is going to make it hard to get head scratches,
but it does mean that the wheel will be left a lone for a while.
So I'm going to have to prescribe Mom lots of cat lap time.
that's all from Dr Siren Skiggels CD

* I would like to note that the kitties got lots of attention
when we got home and that I'm no longer friends with the hedge trimmers.


Joyce said...

Dear Girl!! Can you knit?

Chris said...

O noes!!! It's still attached, right?! RIGHT???

meghan said...

What the heck happened???

Jacqueline said...

Ack! Not the fingers!