Monday, June 22, 2009

is it just me or...

Does this look fun. It was. World Wide Knit in public day was good.
I did spinning, looked a knitting, got rid of some yarn and got a book.
When we were sitting around Powderhorn lake, there was an IceCream
truck driving around. It seemed... to fit, go with the the warm summer
afternoon, the park.

Tonight, as I was giving my plants a healthy drink, there was an IceCream
truck driving around the neighborhood. It's music, seemed off, and it
didn't seem to fit. Maybe after I've been here awhile it will, but tonight
it almost seemed sinister. Like it was the opening scene of some Steven
King story.

I've never been scared of clowns. I've never found them particularly
funny either. But if a clown had gotten out of that truck, I think I would
have been terrified.


Eryka Jackson said...

That sounds like fun! I sat at home on WWKIP Day. I regret it know.

Chris said...

Y'know, you have the makings of a short story there with the whole eerie ice cream truck thing!