Sunday, May 18, 2008

house hunting and knitting

I started making the everlasting bag stopper again. Did I mention that before? I'm using hempathy this time around. Though I might use some of the left over linen from the last bag stopper. Hoping to have enough to make 2 by winter. They will be gifts.

No I'm really not that organized, I just thought this would be the best thing to knit on hot nights. Speaking of organization, I've got a few of the things for my guilty-pleasures swapie, but am still waiting on a few of them. It's tricky to find time to get out to the LYS when I only have sundays or holidays off. (I'm getting really sick of working).

HT and I looked at houses again today. We narrowed it down to 2 that we really like. Though I can see that our tastes are quiet different. I like the old school bungalow style and he likes the newer looking houses.

There was one house that had supper weird stairs that I loved, but it had a tiny back yarn, and a odd driveway. I need a medium sized back yarn if i'm going to do any growing and grilling.

Maybe next week we will have new house news to share but maybe not.

Off to knit on my mascot sock.

(oh, my ravelry tee-shirts came yesterday. :) I'll post pictures soon.)

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Chris said...

Promising about the houses!! Thanks for posting about your bag project - I was looking at string bag patterns yesterday but didn't find one I liked. This was the one I was looking for!!

Have you tried making it to Depth of Field after work? I think they're open until 8 pm.