Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"let me out!"

I Grimlock would like you all to know, that my Mommy took me in the car today. It was no fun. I do not get scared, just un-happy. So don't let her tell you different.

Then this lady in blue said she knew who Grimlock was. I pranced around a bit at that. I was named after a ferocious Dino-Bot.

I explored a little room and then a man in white came in. I don't like him much, i think... He felt my back and i had to try out hissing at him. I never hiss so I thought that would be a good time to do it. He said that I needed "X Rays". Then Mommy let them take me back to get these "X Rays".

The lady said I was a "Champ" with the x-rays then we went home.

Now I'm in a little room again. Mommy calls it the office. She wont let me and sister out. And Sister keeps hissing at me. :(

Oh and she gave me some nasty stuff too. Says it will make me feel better.... it tastes bad. :(

So if you can get a message to her. Let her know to let us out of this room. We have things to do today. :(

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Chris said...

Poor Grimlock! Chaos and Mayhem are concocting an escape plan for you. Did your mommy mention what was wrong?