Sunday, September 21, 2008

... & After

Ok to re-cap. Aug 24th we got the house and started moving in. I drove the 15' truck around town. Literally around town, to Ikea, to the apartment, to the new house, it was tricky.

Then Mom and Linda wanted a Picture of us in front of our new house. I think we look cute.

So after that alot of things have been going on.

Dad came up and we took out the old garden, for a reminder head to this old post.

Then a few weekends ago I got paint and painted up the office. It's a low VOC paint that is a nice gray green, sort of light mossy. Though as you can see the office (was going to be knitting place but it got high-jacked) isn't organized yet. That will be tomorrows project.

The rest of today is going to be spent on figuring out shots for a friends wedding, getting a tara-bit hard drive because I have way to many pictures on this little laptop, and doing laundry.

Oh and there will be some knitting as it is just about cool enough for HT to ware the sweater-vest he picked out, so I need to finish it. Though I'm going to have to find the Son of Stitch and Bitch book before I can.

I wonder which box it's in?

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Chris said...

Look at how cute you are! Glad you're getting settled in.