Friday, November 13, 2009

clothing makes the sale?

People often say, " The clothes make the man" (or woman). And I'm pretty sure that clothes help make the sale. When you work in an area of town where most of your customers are wearing suits, button up shirts and kackies, or even uniforms I think this applies even more. Now, how do I convince others of this?

Lead by example. That I can do. But to lead don't folks need to fallow?

Now, if only I could knit faster. Then I could lead in fabulous hand knits. I'm thinking about making hand knit version of my Target dress. It's chunky to bulky yarn, with a cowl neck and A line. I'm pretty sure I could knit it all in the round with maybe a fake seem to give it a little more shape. Not sure.

When I start i'll post some pictures and see what you all think.

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Chris said...

Sounds intriguing!