Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I can haz Etsy shop?

I can.
It's called WhiskerKnits and so far I have 7 items up for sale.

I have the cuffs that i've been thinking about making and didn't do until after they posted about doing it on Knitty.
Why? Because sometimes i'm slow to get in gear.

Here is the green one modeled by my good buddy and boss Tiffany.
She talked me in to making and selling the next times that are up on the shop.


I was getting so many compliments on the ties that I made for myself that she talked me into selling them. She even helped me sell one last weekend at the Cafetto craft fair.

The next item isn't up yet, but will be soon.
Hand carded Alpaca with a nice natural caramel color.

If I make enough at the shop then i'll be able to get a drum carder and make roving too.

So stop on by the shop.
Maybe put a few items in your treasures or "heart" them
I'll let you have all the bunny kisses that you want if you do.

(ps we call them poo kisses) ^.^

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Chris said...

Congrats on your new venture! :)