Wednesday, February 27, 2008

simple stitches

So, I've got an easy non-lace project to work on now. It's nice to have something to mindlessly plug away at. And the cotton yarn feels nice in my hands.

Bunger's scarf isn't coming along well because it's not the nicest yarn and it doesn't make my fingers happy. But it will make him happy next year when he gets it.

The cotton that I bought along time ago (summerish... boy that feels like forever ago) is being turned into a present for little Sis and soon to be Little Bro in law.
I don't know if i'll have enough to make as many as I want, but we'll see. I'm starting to see where that panic that I wont have enough yarn to finish comes from. I think i can control it with out buying tons of yarn... i hope.

Though i did buy something this month. Feb was supposed to be no buy month. And well I did a pretty good job. I've only got the occasional lunch, groceries, and meds. Mind you even though i was home bound for most of the month it still counts. Just think of all the wonderful yarn I could buy over the Internet. :) Well, the one thing i did say, "It's time to get it now" is a ball winder and swift from Joann's. They were having a sale, I had a coupon and it will show up at the store one of these days and make me happy. Though they use DHL and I've never had anything but bad luck with those guys.

I have also decided I want to have the Sock yarn sweeter finished for April 10th when the Harlot is in town. Why? Because what better time to show something like that off than with a bunch of knitters. Though the lace wont be perfect, I already know that it's not, but it really doesn't bug me. It looks nice from arms distance, and I really want knitting to be calm for me not stressful.

Now the trick is when i head to the yarnery to pick up my ticket on Friday, to not buy any yarn. Though..... :) If i find a really good deal on some sport/dk that will make the sweeter vest that HT wants... well I might just have to break down and get some. But that's the only case where I can.... I think.... no, I can.

edited to add: I was working on the present at the Dr. Office today. He came in and said "your knitting so you must be feeling alittle better." :) not 100% yet but defintly getting there.

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