Monday, February 11, 2008

The body and it's foolishness

( cute picture from getting new tire, It's HT and the friends little one)

So lets see what's going on...

We had a bad flat tire. Had to get a new one.
The wicked cold finally went away.

And now the UC is acting back up. So i'll have to call the doc. and get extra meds. (just a link to explain the condition)

So what does that mean. Well, that i'm going to hiding from the world when i'm not at work. It's not much fun to have to knock down old-ladies trying to get to the bathroom in time. Oh, it also means that when/if we do have kids, the have a chance of getting the gene that gives them a 20% chance of getting it. What did J-9 say (friend/co-worker) " Good luck with your mulitple genetic anomalies." I think that should be the title of a book.

But the evil thing is this, I don't feel like knitting one stitch. And I have all this time on my hands. *sigh* The sweater has another line of lace added to it. It took 3 episodes of the West Wing to get there. Because it was going slow and because of the constant pauses.

I might try working on a scarf with simple garter stitch. Maybe the repitition will keep my mind off things.

Right, off to try to sleep. Wish me luck.

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