Friday, February 29, 2008

Me day.

So I got to have the day off today. It was looking like I wouldn't because my Assistant Manager is sick with strep. But Jill came down to manage so that I could have a day to get things done.

One of the things, I picked up my ticket and back-ordered my book for the Yarn Harlot event. And I was bad and got some sock yarn for new socks for HT. They will be black so i'm sure he'll like them.

I also stopped near the the Yarnery for lunch. I was pretty hungery and got more than i think i normaly would, but I haven't treated myself to good food in a while so it's ok.

Here is what I had for dessert. It was the best cheese cake i've had in a long, long time. It was even kind of fun to just hang out by myself today. I always kind of wondered about why people say they don't like to eat alone. It was nice a peaceful.

The UC is calming down more now. I'm going to start going down on with the pred soon. Yah, no more feeling like a hamster that needs to chew on things all the time.

I also got some wool from knitpicks yesterday, well ordered it. It's going to be for a sweeter vest for HT and it only cost around $30. So I figured it would be ok.
Now i know that i'm buying yarn and i haven't hit 10 FOs yet. But that really has just stopped me from buying random one skins.

Right, now it's time to pay some bills :( and knit a little more on the sock yarn sweeter :)

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