Monday, March 3, 2008

Domestic Day?

( Leica polo shirt, M, already taken in on the sides)
So this is the before picture of my new shirt dress.

Right, so yesterday was kind of a domestic day. Which isn't a bad thing really, it just make the alarms go off in my head still when i hear it. I'm working on it though. Any way, we started the day with some french toast. I didn't put maple syrup on mine. I put just a little honey on it. It was really tasty with just honey. I might have to revise my lotto plan to put honey bees on the farm too. :)

So after breakfast we went to the mall to get HT some new running shoes. That went well until everyone wanted to meet us at the mall. HT had a little panic attack (he really doesn't like malls) so we had to leave.

I stopped into Joann's to pick up some fabric to make the shirt dress longer. If I'm going to wear it to work it has to be 2" above the knee (ish). Then it was home and baking cookies.

I owed some chocolate chip cookies to the BV gang for letting me have the day off Friday. It was really fun making them with the new mixer. It is way better than having to hand mix things.

Then our friend Rob and his new Lady came over. We had cookies and talked about crafts as the boys played Halo. I got some of the ruffles cut and stitched together. Then it was time for dinner. So i made pasta and garlic toast. Then Robs Lady said that I was super domestic. Which i kinda took offence to... that's silly isn't it. It's not bad to be domestic in your home... Though it doesn't happen often. Which I felt the need to mention.

Then my friends and their 2 year-old came over. Boy, seeing a 2 year-old in action will really show you how tiered and out of shape you are. She is a load of fun though.
After they all left i got the ruffles attached. So the dress shirt is almost done. I think it just need to take the sleeves up a bit. They are all most down to my elbows if i don't and that kinda looks funny.

So, yah yesterday was a pretty domestic day. But that's not a bad thing because i was enjoying myself.
So domestic, not a dirty word.

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