Sunday, March 16, 2008

75% of the way there

So 2 nights ago I was working on the Sock Yarn Sweeter. I was knitting along, the repeats looked good, then the stitch marker slipped off the needles. I didn't notice and just kept knitting. Well I figured it out after a bit, but then I thought, why not measure it and see if it's long enough yet. So I did, it was and then i just finished off the edge.

So now all we need is sleeves. I'm thinking about holding off on knitting them so that I know it will be just right for April 10th. But then again I might get antsy and just have to finish it anyway.

I'm getting pretty far on HT's Love sweeter vest too. It's about 4" long already. I got a little worried that I wouldn't have enough yarn for it, but after measuring and doing some math. (hehe i'm starting to learn) I'm pretty sure that the 13 balls of dk yarn will be enough.
Now, i didn't get a lot of knitting done last night because it seems that my lap is the perfect place for kitties and computers, though it's hard to have more than a kitty on ones lap when it's a baby Grimers all flopping about. Though he's a cutie so it's ok.

I'm hopefully going to head out to photograph another girl gamer today. :) I'm getting ok response from my website and from friends of friends. I may just have enough for the show.

Wish me luck.

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