Sunday, March 23, 2008

"My Mom and...."

So I left Friday morning around 9am. It was snowy and wet and a bit slippy on some of the roads. But i am stubborn, had music to sing to and promises to keep.

I made it to the DM house at around 1:30/2. Dad and I chatted for a bit. It's funny when you start realizing that your family is getting older. Not in a bad way mind you, just one of those life realizations.

Then Mom got home and we started getting things done. Like feeding me way to much :)
Mom and I went to some of the LYS in DM and WDM. They were all full of nice owners, but you have to wonder how some of them stay open. Dark lighting is never a good idea for a store, I like to see what i'm buying.
I didn't buy any yarn. I did get
Great American Afghan book. Mom really liked some of the patterns in it and so did I. I figure it is justifiable. Then we headed home had some tasty dinners and watched Wild Hogs. It's a silly movie, but those are the best kind to watch with my mom.

Saturday, Dad, LS (Little Sis) and I went out to get a plastic bit for a fuel pump. Then it was back home to show them all Ravelry and to have them pick out a few patterns. LS would like a Calorimetry knitted out of the orange opal sock yarn that I have. There should be enough left when I'm done with the shiny socks. Then we went shopping.

It's funny how hard it can be to find bras that don't creep up. But we did and we had a coupon so that always nice. LS and HSTB (her Husband soon to be) came over to the house once the fuel pump was fixed. Turns out HSTB would love a Jayne hat. I love the fact that she is marrying a geek. Though he like exercise so that's good too, she's very sporty.

Then Mom and I fallowed LS out to her friends house for some Gamer Girl pictures. The picture in her is just a taste of what will be up at the show on May 3rd at the Van Brabson Gallery. There is some info an cool pics on fellow artist e. Katie holm's myspace page. As we were leaving LS called HSTB saying " My Mom and Aunt are leaving" Sigh, i haven't seen the girl enough so now she's confusing me with our aunt. That or all the gaming messed with her head ;)

This morning was political rants with the Brother. He gets really agitated about politics. I bet he could get a job in it if he could leave the house and get his mind under control. (side note) If you have a child who you think might just have a mental illness, please talk about it with your dr. Why do I say child? Because then you can make them go to the dr. When they are past 18 (now 29 almost 30) well, you are just shit out of luck. (back on topic)

I got to chat with Grandpa. He thinks it's good that HT and I are looking for a house. He sounded really good too. He's 83ish so it's always good when they sound good.
Then Mom, Dad and I cleaned out the car and it was time for heading home. (It took a while to clean out the car). It was hard to leave Greenish lawns and head back to the snow. But the ride went well. I listened to Mort by Terry Pratchett. It was the only book I could get iTunes to give me.

I must say, it's really nice to be back here with my kitties and my boy. Home, even though it isn't a house, really is home now.

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Chris said...

It sounds like a good weekend. :) Busy!