Monday, March 17, 2008

pain in the....

I just realized that this must be one of the 2 wrist warmers that I sold at the art-sale. Hum I wonder who purchased them.

So the reason I'm showing you an old photograph of my arm is that I hurts, quiet a bit really. HT thinks i just slept on it wrong and I really hope that is all it is, but.....

Well i'm going to see the Head Dr. tomorrow anyway so if it sill hurts i'll just have one of the Body Drs take a peek at it.

The snow that was falling today was super pretty. Big, fat, dance around in a deep red or purple frock in a field and get your picture taken sort of snow flakes.

One of these days I'm going to have to get myself in gear and get out there and photograph when those things happen. Though I don't have a good willing model now that Grimis moved to LA. (She was quiet wonderful to photograph, because she would just be natural in the shot, not posy, and she was pretty and normal looking too.)

well i'm not knitting tonight or tomorrow at the drs office so that hopefully i'll have something to do with the Moonies. Other than pick out lace patterns that is.

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Chris said...

Hope the arm is ok!! :(

The snow this morning... meh.