Wednesday, March 19, 2008

no knitting, but we do have...

Baking. Well, sort of. As i'm sure you can see, i didn't have enough flour for the cookies. I decided to try it anyway though. The 2 that you see on the bottom right, they merged to become 1 monster cookie. That and the cookies sort of taste like caramelized sugar, not really like cookie. Oh well you live and you learn.

The left shoulder is feeling better, but I'm still trying to rest it. It tingles a bit when i move it one way or lean on it. So that, my friends, is why there is this sad attempt at baking tonight.

I'm normally a much better baker. I just have to remember to prepare before starting :)

I'm going to be heading home to DesMoines this weekend. HT is going to be staying here to watch the kitties and the March Madness. It's ok other than the fact that I wont have anyone to drive me around so that I can knit in the car. Joice, I'm starting to think that you and I should come up with some kind of robot driver for these trips through the midwest.

I'm going to try and stop at a few yarn shops (and not buy anything, "I'm saving for a house" is going to be my mantra.) Hopefully photograph the little sister's girl-friends playing some video games. And maybe, just maybe have a civil conversation with my brother.

Wish me luck as the roads are saposed to be bad on Friday.


Chris said...

Luck for Friday! But you'll have good tunes, or a book on tape, right?

ikisti said...

oh good tunes are a must. Thanks for the 'luck' and the knits tonight. :)