Thursday, March 20, 2008

prep for the trip

This is not me preparing for the road trip. This is just some photographic evidence of the strangeness of my kitties. They really like bananas. Siren will try and take it from your hands if she can. If you look close you can see her licking her lips.

So I had a kinda busy day today. Pack up the knitting, organize med
s, remind ass. manager of the things he needs to do while i'm gone, eat to many cookies, was told that oatmeal would have worked as flour sub (doh), met Chris at Common Roots for knitting and chatting (mostly about crazy cats, It was of fun), packing up the old sewing mach, picking up The Lady and taking her home from class ( ie listening to her ramble about the soon to be ex), organizing the music list (I like to sing along to things in the car. Helps keep me awake) and tryed to buy The Light Fantastic off iTunes.

Now i say "tryed" because it kept giving me an error
message. If i have a bunch of charges i'm going to be pretty pissed.

Common Roots was super busy tonight because they were having this wine tasting thing. It was almost too busy for me for a place to be after work, but having Chris there to chat with made it nice. There was this funny little girl, maybe 10 (i'm bad at guessing age) who kept walking by and staring at our knitting. It took her a while to ask what we were doing ( even though i said hi in my nice work voice). I guess she had knitted herself a purse that was at home.
Though she did look kinda horrified to see us knitting in public.

It's like people think you are parading around in your underwear. Though I will note that when people parade around in their swimsuits and jump about, that that is closer to parading around in your underwear than knitting in public. (end tiny rant)

So the roads are supposed to be wet tomorrow but i'm not supper worried. Wet is better than ice.

Oh, so i'm packing knitting to take with. Here is what is going with me, Shinny Socks, HT's Love sweeter vest, Present 1 ( though it will
be a not telling what this is for kinda thing) and the yarn & needles for the new knitty lace scarf. The Lady has a lace scarf that she wears a lot and it always makes me think "I need to get something like that to finish off a few outfits" (yes sometime i have very girly thoughts like that, I also watch ANTM but don't tell). So I figured I make one and this pattern seems like the trick. That and I like the color of this yarn too much to hide in shoes.

I really think that this might be my color of green. (though it looks a little blue in the day light, the strip on the right side (at least on my monitor) is prefect though.)

Right, off to bed as I have 3 hours of driving to do tomorrow.



Chris said...

It was fun last night, after we got out of the crowd! Have a good drive today! I always have a mixture of a book or two and music on the 'pod for drives - books really make the time pass fast. Well, except for Wuthering Heights. That made the time drag. ;)

Cute kitty banana picture!

Guinifer said...

Hello! I popped over from Chris & Chaos/Mayhem's place to say hello! I am another TC knitter. I must say I am envious of your Leica - are you a photog for your career? The snow is getting pretty thick out there - drive careful!