Friday, February 22, 2008

Noro for you?

So I've fallen out of love with my Noro-Sock yarn. I like the way it feels and l like the colors.... just not together. So, what does this mean? Well it means at this weeks Blue Moonie round-up I'll be handing someone a nice ball of Noro Yarn. That is if you ladies want it. I just don't want it any more so it needs a good home.

Now this isn't to say I might not get some in the future. Just not this color way I think.

Health wise, I'm feeling a bit better (knock on lots of wood please). The hard drugs are helping and I've only had one really bad day since they started. Mind you it was today, but today just sucked all around. I really am going to have to work on winning the lotto so I can go have that alpaca/lama/sheep/bunny farm and not have to deal with people.

I made more progress on the sock-yarn sweeter. Though I think it might not be finished until the Fall. But oh well, I'll look cute in it and It will look cute on me. No need to rush things really.

I'm going to go out looking for old-linen handkerchiefs soon. I want to add some blue lace to ones edge and give it to my little sister for her wedding. I think it would be a nice, something old/new/blue, thing. And maybe make one for my mom just so she can have something to dab her eyes with.

Right, enough rambling, I'll see you at the Round-up. :P

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