Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello again!

Grimlock though that my 2nd Birthday cake was for him. Now I know that 2 cakes in one say may seem like a bit much, but it was a shitty day. So 2 cakes is just right. There was one at work and then one at home.... ummm cake.

Right so what's been going on. Well I finished off the left sleeve for HT's sweater. I'm making another Calo... ermaty for my head to go with my Dashing fingerless gloves. And I got 2 more coffee holders done, but i still have 3 to go :(

Oh yahs got to love the links.

I saw the physiologist today. It was ok. We mostly just tryed to give a diagnosis. He said that i was a dysthymic. It makes since. Hopefully knowing is half the battle as they say.

Right, back to knitting. So i just have one sleeve and then seams to do then HT's sweeter will be done. It has taken a year, but i'm pretty sure it will turn out nice. Though I'm really not going to do another sweeter for a while. If you are just getting in to knitting and you are reading this...

Well first, dang how on earth did you wander over hear and welcome :)
And second, don't start with a sweeter. It's like a really long scarf. You will get sick of it by the time you are done. Yes the finished project will be really cool, but dang it takes a long time.

Right, back to knitting now. Laters.

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Purple Purl Girl said...

A diagnosis is great! Hope it's another step to feeling better. Oy, the sweater glad it's almost finished. See you next week at the Blue Moon.