Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Old School.

" R2! Where are you?!" That's easy, on my head. I'm making the R2-D2 hat from CasandraKnits. I modified the pattern a little bit. Added a red eye for the droid. I hope my Brother likes it. It was the only thing I could think to knit that would really suit him.

You see he was the one who introduced me to all the geeky things I love. Star Wars, Final Fantasy, JRRTolken, and then I took it from there. Then I took it on to things like Firefly, Shadow Run, Katamari and so on.

So what better to give my first geeky friend than an R2-D2 hat. Maybe next year it will be a Jayne hat. That is if i can get him into FireFly.


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