Monday, November 19, 2007


.....this is why you block your socks before you wear them. :) I didn't bother, thinking hey I'll have to wash them after anyway. So now I have blue feet. (and yes i haven't painted my toes in a long long time.)

My Scar socks are done. If i was still in the Sock Wars I wouldn't have won. I've finished the hat for my brother, just have to block it and show it off at knit night. I tried to knit a hat for HT's mom, but I think it's a bit too small. So I'm going to pop by the yarn store tomorrow and pick up some new yarn and needles and try again.

We went to the ButterBall the other night. It was packed with people. I looked pretty and so did HT and BFR (best friend R). I've decided that I need to knit up a black wrap though. It would have helped keep some of the creepy peoples hands of my back. And it will be something pretty that i've made.

Off to look at more warp patterns.

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