Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Just keep swimming.."

*picture is grainy as hell due to 1600 iso.
Sometime the song that the Elene fish, from Finding Nemo, would sing is my montra. Helps get through the day.

Slowly things are getting put back together at work. The nice thing about the new carpet is it helps to put a "This is new, lets keep our store clean." Or in some cases "Iki's store clean." I also got one sock war sock finished (still have to graft the toe). I got on the heel of the second sock today.

I'm really liking the Scar pattern. Though since these are just for me and not a target i'm mucking about a bit with the pattern. Just to see what i think.

One thing that I do think is that I need a ball winder and swiffer for b-day. It would be a nice present from the HT as all the yarn for his sweater is in hanks.

Haven't played Zelda in a few days. My attention span is getting shorter and shorter these days. Maybe over the holidays when I've got most of my knitting done.

My Pal got her package and liked it. Something about giving a good gift just gives wonderful warm fuzzies.

With that I have a "Fish are Friends" meeting to attend, Laters.

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