Saturday, October 27, 2007

almost done

It looks like the Grimmers is ready to head out to my Coffee Swap Pal. :) No worries, you wont be getting a kitty, though he does like to travel.

I have almost everything ready to go for the swap. I'll have it in the mail on Monday I think. I'm going to post a few pictures after i know my Pal has received it. Or would that seem like bragging? *Shug* don't know but i have some fun picture ideas in my head so it'll happen anyway.

This week has been a long one. I've been working a little too much and my boss has noticed. I have mixed feeling about that as i want to do extremely well in everything that i do. Not a perfectionist by any means, but I really like being the "Go to" person.

This Wednesday we had new carpet put in at work. It looks really pretty. I was there till 5:30 in the morning though so I might not be the best judge. I'm pretty sure that from about 7pm when they started laying glue to about 5am I lost a lot of pretty useful brain cells. I wonder if i'll be able to beat Zelda now. :( But it does look nice and my boss made a few calls so I could have today off. Kinda a Thanks for working way to hard now go home an relax day. I'm trying.

Monday i'm going to the Doc. I made notes about all the things that are acting up. Today i can't chew on my right side of my mouth. It hurts like hell when i try. Why? From clenching and gnashing my teeth at night from stress.

The only thing that really seems to help any more with all this stress is the knitting. I finished the first SW2 sock when they were laying carpet. I got the ribbing finished when HT and I went out to SunnySide Up for breakfast. Those moments are the calmest thing I've go right now. Lately i've wished that I could be knitting all the time.

Right. Time to leave all this randomness with a happy thought. We stopped by Trader Joe's today. I picked up some Pumpkin Butter. It's really tasty and I like the label on the package too.
ummm pumpkin

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