Thursday, October 11, 2007


Yahoo.groups are no replacement for Forums. In fact, i've now set all but the to the "shhhhh, unless i want to look at you setting". Why? Because it's damn hard to find any relevant info in an inbox of "RE: Question", "Blarg" and my fav. "RE: I'm just writing so that I sound important." This has been a long and stressful week and I'm getting really sick of it.

Work is freeking me out. Getting things ready for the MCAD artsale is freeking me out. The un-clean/tidy state of my home is freeking me out..... *Deep breath*

Ok enough of that. The picture is of one of the finished arm-bands i'm going to put in the art sale. I've only ever sold a few things photography wise (earlier post as reference). So i thought i would see what some knitting would do.
I just finished a Cell phone/Ipod holder for the wedding couple. It has the WOW horde insig on it. And it's in those same colors only inverse. Hope it looks ok. It was supposed to be an arm-band as well (well 2 really but i haven't started the second). Though it looks more like an electronic-thing holder it will be.

Like Bob Ross always said "Happy clouds." and "Don't worry about making a little mistake, it's just a happy little mistake."

errr, or something like that.

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