Wednesday, October 17, 2007

back from a short internet break

So I haven't posted for a bit because I was taking a break from the Internet. I missed Blog Action Day. Global Warming is real. So if you are going to do a Yarn Shop Hop, drive a hybrid car.

That said now it's time to explain the pictures. First the Sister Socks as modeled by my soon (in a year) to be married friend with the same shoe size. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Next the prize I won from 3-Kittens. I really like the green yarn. I have no idea what to do with them though... That and when i went back to pick it up and get some yarn for a few people/projects on of the staffers said "Oh you were here yesterday, but you didn't buy anything." Yah and I shouldn't have that day either. For the most part the staff was nice but I don't think I'll be heading back.

This is the yarn that I did buy that day :P It's for felted beer cozies for HT's dad. They are in the KU colors because he really likes that team. I'm going to felt up the blue and yellow and then needle felt the K and U on them in red. It should be fun.
Oh and I finally found something to get organized with that wouldn't break the budget. It's from knit picks and I found it at that M store. The little needle holder was way to close to the top so i just took it out and moved it down. I think it works.
Things are kinda harry at work. We still don't have enough bodies, but at least the store is getting clean. Also i've been working on my "sock war now for me sock" and it's coming along nicely. I wont get it done as fast as I would if it was for someone else now, but it will look pretty on me.

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