Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why knitting at my desk is bad.

Grimlock seems to think that my Green-Metel-US8s are a nice toy. Or at least the reflection from them is. The problem with Grimers and light-toys is that he doesn't relize that he can't catch them and gets worked up over it. *sigh*

It's been a long week and it is only Tuesday. Works not going well, mostly because I've been feeling pressured from all sides. That and i'm feeling emotional and that doesn't make you look like a strong leader. On the up side I jsut payed off all my medial bills (the things in the corrner of the vid). So on monday I can go talk to the Doc about my thoughts that all the new estrogen in my system being teh culpret for my un Iki like behavor.

Untill then it's listen to
funnythings and Finaly Fantasy musica and go to knit night with my ladies, er or go knitting next week.

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ikisti said...

note to reader(s?) the buzzing noice? no idea, and the spelling, well blogger and my computer didn't like posting a movie so i bet this is the last time.