Saturday, October 13, 2007

my day in pictures (and maybe captions)

Jacqueline and sister Helena

MammaGrouch and Kimara and me (reflection any way)

Our First stop, we were the first to arrive today for the Yarn Hop.

Our second stop. I won a door prize here :) Hoping to pick it up tomorrow.

Our 3rd stop. And Now Blogger doesn't want me to up load more photos so i'll just type for a bit. After this we headed to NeedleWork Unlimited. That the store I normally go to as it's close.
Then they dropped me off so that I could get ready for HT's co-workers wedding. They are a really cute couple and i'm glad they got married. Through out the reception HT and I joked about things we would and wouldn't have at our wedding. Things like kegs, jeans, cow-patties, family members, all things in good fun with humor.

I'll post a picture of the wedding favors tomorrow. Though to explain a little bit about the couple and well us, we sat at Ironforge and the Husband almost missed his second dance because we were talking about Xbox360/Halo/Gears of War. :) Got to love a geek wedding.

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