Thursday, October 4, 2007

Day off

It's always fun to have some new toys. And on your day off from work it's easy to look for a new yarn store. Well new for me any way. Borealis Yarns is a pretty little store. The staff was friendly and they let me walk around while they worked on store-knits all by my lonesome. After they asked what I was looking for and showed me where it was.

So I'm armed and ready to go for the Sock War. I need to work it into a ball and knit up a swatch. That will be done after I finish the walkers.

It's been a pretty lazy day today. Took out the trash, looked up routs for the yarn hop. Wondered how many shops I could get to before heading home to get ready for the wedding. I think I'll be able to hit 2 or 3 on Saturday, comfortably and then on Sunday hit the rest.

Now to geek out for a moment. Yarn Shops need better Signage and Websites! Now the reason I'm bothering to say this is that I have had a bitch of a time finding places that have tiny signs. Now i'm not saying that they need to be Neon and Gotty. They need to be large and knowticable. As for the websites... *sigh* There is too much scrolling on a lot of them, and bad bad bad design. Yes the sites need to be informative, but you have to want to look at them too. Good design will get the information out to the user.
So all this said, if anyone needs a better website or signage let me know. I've got people. /end rant

So everyone enjoy your days off.

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Rina said...

Ah Borealis Yarns. It's a fun little store.
Last time I was there was last 2 years or so. It's sort of far away store.

About yarn store signage. I tend to have trouble finding anything. Thank God there's GPS. After that I've not having trouble with directions.