Wednesday, October 10, 2007

swach... ish

I have the hardest time knitting swatches. Though it's nice to see what the yarn is going to look like. I hope my target likes it. This is the Cherry Hill yarn for the Sock Wars. I'm excited and kinda nervous about this. What if my assassin doesn't get my sock done. What if it turns out to be a horrible sock. What if my sock turns out to be a horrible sock... so many what ifs.
Today at work went ok. The owner called to see how it was going and make sure I was ok. :) He's pretty nice once you get to know him. I'm going to photograph my sisters socks on my friend Rachs' feet. She's got about the same size feet and I want to do a shot with these in some brown shoes on a bike petal.... or something like that. In action if you will. Oh and this weekend is the yarn shop hop. It looks like i can go on Saturday before the wedding. *grin* So i should be having a fun weekend.

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