Wednesday, September 5, 2007

knitty people like my photos :)

Real quick i'll give you the run down about my photography and other people.

In High School: (yes it started back then) people in class and teachers liked it. I was even asked to be in a small art-fest. Then only one person at the art-fest bought something. A sweet girl that i will always remember bought a picture of my boots for $5. The rest of the people just made stupid comments.

In College: people in class though i was technicly good, but they didn't like my ideas behind the work. (important to note that they understood the idea i was trying to get across) Only a few really liked them or would try to give helpful cits of the work. That said the visiting artists (not the visiting journalist teacher, he was an ass) all seemed to like my work. Which of course startled and freeked me out.

After College: I've been asked to have my work in 3 shows.
One at the Spyhouse (boy they need a website) with a painter.
One at the SooVac in the "Untitled 4" group show. Techincly i submitted for that one, but 4 of my photographs were picked :)
One at the Around the Coyote gallery in Chicago for the Gameplay: Video Games in Contemporary Art Practice show. The courator found me. I didn't sell anything, but they kept the work to show at a big Chicago touristy show.

So i still haven't sold anything but people seem to like it. Humm that wasn't that short was it. Anyway, now i have my photographs of Lana Grossa Quattro yarn up on the Ravelry main page for that. :) Though i don't like that the entry says that it is discontinued. I love making wrist warmers out of that yarn! :(

I think that's enough for now. Laters.

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