Sunday, September 9, 2007

internet vs. RL stores

I can't remember if I posted about Happy Hour at the Yarn Cafe in Maple Grove last week. If I did sorry for the repeat.

It was different. I really like the store and lay out. It was easy to walk through and look at things. All the yarn was tagged with price and the workers were helpful but not to pushy.

The ladies that came to knit were different too. Jacqueline and I went to check it out for the Moonies. "Bless yer' heart" was said a few times about knitting and holding 2 yarns at once. There were strong personalities, knitters making babies sweaters with size 2s and an Internet compute set up. I showed them Ravelry and then i was shown a site or 2.

Now here's where it gets a little uncomfortable. I'm not the best with new people anyway (shocked aren't you), but when new people show me the website they like to buy yarn from in a LYS, well that just gets me in the wrong mood. I truly believe in supporting local business. It makes our economy stronger and it makes for better neighborhoods. But there's something about the suburbs that makes people think "I'll look at it in the store, get help from staff, and then buy it on line." *Sigh* it just makes me want to shake people.

Other than that. I was a pretty good evening. Jacqueline found a place near work to hang out at and I found a model for my "If I win the lotto, I'll have a yarn store/cafe" dream. It's also a place I'm going to take my Mom to the next time she comes up for a visit.

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