Friday, September 7, 2007


"Wake me up! Before you go go!" has been stuck in my head all day. Why? because i'm knitting the Jitterbug Sock yarn and pattern. That still doesn't make sence? Well right be for the song starts there is a deep booming voice saying/singing/intoning "Jitterbug". And well I tend to make random connections that of things to songs that will get stuck in my head. Fun hun?

In other random knitty news I blocked my Monkey socks and something about the smell of wool/man made yarn has made my girl cat go a bit balmy. Siren had to first sit on the socks that were drying. Then when they were moved (she likes to munch on yarn), she had to sit at the base of the tall thing they were placed on and cry about how i wouldn't put her up there so she could play with the yarn. Even after the socks have been put away she still sits there thinking she needs to be on top. *Sigh* She can be quiet demanding sometimes.

Though other times (like the picture) she doesn't care about yarn at all. *Shrug*


Dotty said...

I have a cat named Ricky who does the same thing. If there's a wet handknit, he needs to lie on it. Once it's dry, he could care less about it. I always have to shut the door to the guest bedroom when I'm wet blocking something. Yeesh.

ikisti said...

it's like they know we don't want them playing there and they just have to make a bee line for it. :)