Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun with iso.

So I had the day off today and though I would ride my bike a bit. Sadly, the back tire, that my Ass. Manager re-tubed for me, is completely flat.

So I took a walk instead.
It was a day to shoot. The sky is just a great blue color. The first shot of the day is at the top. At iso 1600, it's a bit blown out, but I still like it. Sort of a surrealist sunflower.

This one is taken at the proper iso for the day, iso 100. Same flower, to very different looks. Both pretty nice.

I love the balcony at this house. It's just so pretty with the brick.

I got some yogurt and egg salad and headed to Lake of the Ilse to sit by water and eat lunch. I'm reading Persepolis: the story of a childhood by Marjane Satrapi. It's really engaging. I got a little more than half way through before I though "hum it's hot and i still have some egg salad in my bag... better head home." I'm going to read a little more later today.

Oh and if you are wondering about the odd combo of egg salad and yogurt, well there's a good (ish) answer. HT and I are trying to get back into "fighting" shape. I weighed myself yesterday :( it was 160. I'm hoping it's a lie, but my pants say otherwise. So, more walking, 2 weeks of lots of protean, no breads/carbs, then slowly reintroducing good whole grains and small portions back into the life.

Here's to hoping it will work.

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Chris said...

What happy sunny pictures! That's a very cool balcony - I'm not sure I've noticed that one before.

I SO hear you on the weight thing. Oy. Iz in my fat pantz and they're getting tight. Oy.

Here's hoping you stay free of art fair traffic and crowds this weekend!