Saturday, August 25, 2007

well the bag....

Finished! I took it to Needle Work Unlimited the other day and got some more sock yarn.
I really do seem to like this Lana Grosa yarn. I keep seeming to buy that brand. First wrist warmers, then socks... next? The world. (insert evil laughter)

I wanted to post a pick, but it wasn't cooperating. So if you would like to see the month-long bag, head on over to ikisti

Right, now it's time to make a nice dinner for some friends. After 5years of each other they have put the old engagement ring on the finger. Since their other friends aren't to excited HT and I thought we would make them dinner.

( note: HT stands for Husband-in-training. a nice little name that KnittyMomma though up for our, 5 is year going on forever with out a paper(yet) commitment. boy that was a mouth full)

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