Saturday, November 1, 2008

hallween party?

At my store we like to dress up for Halloween. I'm the one with the Blaster. We made it that day at work I might add. Though a real/replica of Princess Leia's Blaster would be really cool, i'm just not willing to spend that much.... right now.. or in a year... maybe in two...

Any who, the lady next to me is not Philis Diller, but Marge Simpson. I really got a kick out of the blue feathers.

Right, so I should really stop calling my "parties" parties. Why? Because they are more like relaxing get togethers than romping stomping times. Though it was fun. There was good food (all made by me). And there were good people.

Miss J of the Science Brain even stopped by with tasty homemade bread and we knitted. Her second attempt at a cardigan is looking really good this time.

So hope everyone had a good time last night. I know i did.

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Chris said...

Excellent Marge! The kitties and I hung out peacefully, listening to carousing (and some vomiting, ew) on the street.

See you tomorrow!