Tuesday, August 4, 2009

garden update

So, the garden is going pretty well. I think when fall comes we will have a lot of good eats coming out of the garden.

Here we have the eggplant. There are about 6 eggplants on the one plant. It's pretty cool as i've never grown any before.
I love the way you can see the different colors of purple.

There aren't too many watermelons in the garden. I think the pumpkins are taking up most of what the watermelons want in the ground. I'll just have to pick a different spot for them next year.

Oh, and i think the squirrels are trying to sharpen their teeth on this one.
Note the ruff edge at the bottom.

So, if the watermelon is about the size of a hand ball, these pumpkins are about the size... of 2 mainecoon cats. I turn them every now and then to make sure that they aren't roting on any of the sides. Though i did find a slug on one of them after i turned it. It stuck to my hand. :P

My tomatoes are finally starting to turn red. Though i think the pumpkin leaves are taking a lot of their sun. :(

Also I think that I'm to make a tress along the north side of the yard. Just a short one. I would really like to have more sweet peas and morning glories next year. I think I'm also going to make a space for cut flower garden.

Next time, a knitting update.

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Chris said...

Flower pretty.

Sounds like you should worry about the pumpkin vines growing into the house while you sleep!