Friday, May 28, 2010


When does collection turn into something nefarious?
I really do wonder. I have a habit of starting collections and then wondering of to the new shinny thing that catch my eye.

Right here (pictured above) we have my collection of Honey. That's right Honey. I stumbled onto this honey one Thursday Downtown Farmers' Market. It is Ames Farms Honey. They put their hives in places where curtain types of vegetation grow. The single source ones are my favorite. With flavors like melon, raspberry and buckwheat I just had to try them. The fact that the reason they taste like melon ect is due to the pollen the bees collect is beyond, well fabulous.

So now, when it is Thursday and I have a little extra cash I have to get a new flavor to try. Thus began my collection.

Now I have a button collection, the little 1" kind.
There is a growing collection of yarn and fiber, but we all knew that.
And as a point of interest, there is a fabric collection starting.
Not to mention the books, mags and random vinyl toys that are collectibles.

I'm just hoping that you all don't find me on one of those hording shows one of these days.

Though all my little collections would be enjoyable to photograph.

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Chris said...

Honey. That's a new one! :)