Tuesday, July 6, 2010

... 2-3-4 ...

The Tour is going well.
I have spun each day. Some days for quiet a bit. Other days for just a little while.

Here is a short recap (as Blogger doesn't like my photos) of days 2-4.

Here we have day 2. Nearish to the end of the day. I got a bit of spinning done while watching the Hangover with HT and Unger. Pretty funny movie really.

Day 3 pretty much looks the same, it's a little more full though.

Here is day 4. I took the wheel to work so that I could take it with me to knit night. Then my Ass. Manager wanted to grab a drink after work so I took it with to the bar. No since in walking all the way to the car and then back to the bar.

Turns out that an Iki spinning while drinking a Nordeast isn't something that regularly happens at the bar next to work. We got quiet the crowd. They wanted to see how it worked to I did a short bit.
Made that AM take a picture just for you all ;)

After the drunks had stopped talking to us it was time to go to knit night. The folks at the Blue Moon are used to us knitters with our loud talk and weird contraptions. So the wheel and I didn't make much of a scene there.

Though as you can see. I did get a lot done. Tomorrow after all the meetings and car things are done I might just finish up the Natchwoolie Peach Tree. Though I do have the front and back of some sleeves to knit.

That's right, "front and back" of sleeves. I really wonder what these UK designers are thinking some times. But I'll go with it.

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Chris said...

You've been everywhere to spin, haven't you!?