Sunday, April 13, 2008


So what challenges have we meet head on resently. Our flare up, our work, our knitting and our larger groups of people angzity.

For the last one I give you last nights example. I made plans to see the championship bout of the MNRoller-Girls. I had a crappy day at work and really didn't want to be around people after words and started to have a panicky attack as i walked over to the ticket office.

But I had made plans, gor'amit, and I was going to keep them.

And I'm glad I did. You see here my friends (who are naturally blurry like big foot (in a nice way)) came all this way at my urging and wouldn't i be a jerk to just leave them.

So we stayed, cheered, booed, hissed a little and made fun of the teen agers in front of us that were acting up for their girl friends.

Nicole (the one with glasses) and I are going to try out for the next season of roller derby. I hope we get in. It looks like a lot of fun.

Rob (who is growing out a mullet) and his Lady M came too. They are super cute and hold hands a lot.

HT and I don't do that much anymore, but we didn't do it much at the beginning either. It makes it pretty special when we do.

N bought us some mini doughnuts
(ummm tasty). They were my first try of them and I think i'm hooked.

We didn't have the best seats for getting a close view of the action, but I think we could figure things out better from up high.

If we don't make it on one of the teams I think for the next match I go see I'm going to try and get floor seats. Just to try something different.

I have also meet my challenge of 10 FOs. Now, i
wasn't super good about not buying yarn until the 10 were completed like Knittymama is, but I did cut back on my yarn buying. Which was really the goal. To save money for the house.

Though this month is going to be spendy. The Lady (not Rob's) and I are heading to the MOA today to try on my bridesmaid dress for LS's wedding. I'm heading home at the end of the month for her graduation. I'll get a good picture of her wearing the Cal... then.

I guess a lot of the girls in her nursing program really like it. :)

Oh so here is the last 2 projects
. The not so chunky Golden Compass hood. I call it Green an Blues: a hood. It's comfy and made out of the prize/pity yarn from the Harlot event. And the fingerless short gloves are made of the same stuff and the yarn I used last year for HT's Mom's Hat (that a lot of 's). I was running out of the malabrigo when i started on the second one.

I must say I really like the hood. Its super soft on my cheeks.

Also i really like this pose. I kinda look like a praying statue.

So wish me luck this spring at the tryouts and I'm going to have to start a second list of FOs.

maybe later this week I'll post up a picture run down of them all.



Earthly Fae said...

Your hood came out excellent ..I love the colours :-)

sophanne said...

general people anxiety and trying out for the roller derby. A study in contrasts that only a similar personality type can appreciate.

Chris said...

Luck! :) The hood is very cool!

Jacqueline said...

You're braver than I, my week was spent alternating between work and hiding out in my apartment :P. But tomorrow is another day...