Friday, April 4, 2008

knitting and manager training

So I finished LS replacement for the "Hobo Hat" in all of 3 days. Does that mean that I'm knitting faster or that i just have way to much time on my hands? The little plastic daisy button was swiped from my Mom's button stash. She has way to many buttons for her own good and I had to relieve her of some.

I had to go to a "Coaching" seminar yesterday. It was ok, at least I wasn't cleaning the basement. I learned a few things. Like that most office managers are push overs. Hummm.... maybe I should get an office job.

After the day of being called "Coach" by the trainer guy ( and knitting on my lace scarf) my boss and fellow managers thought we could all use a beer at Brits Pub. It was soooo nice outside. And the artichoke dip was really tasty.

Oh and check out the super cute TokiDoki bag I got. It fits my knitting really well and keeps strangers kids amused on the bus rides home (lots of characters to point out and look at).

I think it gets the Grimmer seal of approval too. :)

Also I finished the Sock Sweeter in time for the Harlot event. So on Apr 10, I'll be the one sweating :)

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Chris said...

Yay for a finished sweater and hat!! That IS a fun bag. :)