Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am a selfish knitter.
And its ok.

My new hat (which needs to be blocked still) is evidence of this.
The Blue Sky Alpaca was just too nice to leave sitting around. So it became a fun new hat.

Now this is not to say that I never knit for other people. Its just not often anymore. I used to gift many things to people. They would say "Oh, thanks this is neat" and that would be that. More often than not the knitted item would never be seen again. I will admit that some of those early knits were quite odd. But they were given with the best of intentions.

These days when I knit for others I knit things that are small, sweet and don't take too long.

Case in point, these baby booties. They were just received by HT's expecting cousin. She quiet likes them and there is Internet gushing going on about them. I'll admit it, I like a little gushing now and then.

So it would seem that I'm going to try and keep some of my knitting to Parents to Be types.

Though this burp cloth is slogging a long.

It doesn't help that at the last knit night I snapped one of the needles when I was sitting down (no I didn't sit on it, just put my hand on it funny)
It is nice and plain with just enough something to keep you going, but I might have to make any more of these with self striping yarn.

And bibs, everyone needs bibs right?
They are simple but can be super pretty if worked right.

This is my first one. It turned out nice and the Soon to Be Parents seemed to like it. Maybe I should just knit a few every time I want to knit but am stuck for an idea. Then I wouldn't always be knitting for myself.

But like I said, there really is nothing wrong with that ;)


Chris said...

Cute hat and booties!

Bibs are the most appreciated baby items I've ever knit. I get more feedback (from multiple parents) on how wonderful they are than I've gotten back on any other baby item. So, they're fast, cute, actually used, and much appreciated - hard to go wrong there.

Jenni said...

OK here's the dumb question of the day...I made a hat just like that and I didn't know it needed to be blocked. How do you block a hat like that?!

ikisti said...

Well to block a hat, you wet it, and then you have a few options, put it over a bowl that is about the right shape or put it on your head. If you don't mind a wet head that is. :)