Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jury Duty and The Ravelympics!

The Olympic winter games are almost over and that means that so are the Ravelympics. I helped represent the Ank-Morpork Knitters Guild as a assistant coach for team Bad Ass Artificers.

I was able to get 3 projects done for the games.

First were the French Press Felted Slippers. They were easy to knit and stitch together. The yarn and the cute finishing buttons came from the way to close Crafty Planet. ( way to close for the budget that is)

The mittens are the classic Thrummed mit. There is left over roving knit into the mittens along with the yarn. It makes for a vary warm mitten. Though you might want to knit a half size bigger than you think you need. Also, 1 inch of semi tightly twisted roving should be perfect for the thrumm. The inside needs to be light and fluffy but the outside should be tight so that it doesn't fuzz up.

Before the Olympics started I knit up this baby cardigan for the fabulous shop Darn.Knit.Anyway (in Stillwater). It is from Rowans new mag Classic Miniature Knits. The denim yarn is great to knit with. It just slides through your fingers and doesn't resist like regular cotton does. Though Rowan really needs to get over all the seaming. It is a raglan style that was knit from the bottom up. It could have been knit top down in one piece and the sleeve could have been knit in the round. But as it was a knit to show off the pattern, I didn't deviate. It looks super cute all done and I think the handmade buttons are going to look great on it.

My payment was some fab Blue Sky Alpaca. I decided to make an Incognito with it. I do love a good mustache. It's very warm and the alpaca is nice against the skin. Though I think instead of making the hems I would knit it as a big tube and then just tack down the edges if I make it again. I have lots of green and orange left over so i think I might make a brimmed hat to go with it.

As for this Jury Duty that I mentioned at the top, it is stressing me out. I was planing for this a month ago as that's when they sent the summons. Everyone at work was like "Oh they will call you early and it will be over and done with in a week." The summons says 2 weeks. The first week is almost over and they haven't called me yet. I'm really stressing out that this is going to head into next week. *deep breath* Well what ever happens I have a good team and they will help me work it out.

The kitties have liked having me home but, they don't like me vacuuming all the time. The house is pretty darn clean right now. Though if anyone thinks that this week has been a vacation... they can just keep that thought to themselves.

Here's to hoping that I either get called in tomorrow or released from duty and back to work.

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Chris said...

Here's hoping re: jury duty! I had it about 8 years ago. I had to go and sit in the jury room and wait. Gah.

You have been busy knitting! I bet those thrummed mitts are warm. Incognito is very cool.