Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review 2: Stitch & Bitch (books on knitting)

So when I first picked back up knitting, I wasn't doing so well.
HT got me Debbie Stoller's first book for Christmas and well the rest is history.

This is the first sweater that I ever knit. It is the Manny Sweater from the book. It's a little too short but it keeps you warm

All Cascade 220. It is a bit ichy around the neck though. While it is ichy the colors are some of my favorite.

I have yet to knit anything out of Stitch and Bitch Nation.
It has a lot of cute and fun patterns in it.

I love all the patterns in Son of Stitch and Bitch.
Lots of very manly yet fun knits.

This is a version of the Love vest. I really liked the cables in it and the color edging. Sadly, I had gauge issues again. I tried to get HT to do a curtsy so you all could see the with of it. If he was wearing foot ball pads it would be a winner.

The Stitch and Bitch books are great. They helped me to find my love of knitting. They taught me different techniques and gave me the confidence to try sweaters, even if they didn't work out.

The illustrations in the books are easy to fallow and instructional. Over all lay out of the books are great too. They all have photos that make you want to knit it all, even if its not your style.

I'm even going to get a new copy of the first book to give one of my friends.
So that she has something to reference when I'm not around to help.

If you know anyone who wants to stretch their skills but isn't into classes (or doesn't have the time) these are great books to gift to them.

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Chris said...

I actually have a tip in "Nation"! :)