Monday, February 1, 2010

A hat in One Day.

Yesterday I decided to sit down and knit as HT played Mass Effect 2.
And I wanted something quick easy and fun.
So, I knit the Shroom from this winters Knitty.

I had some of the Spud & Chole it called for so I figured I'ld make it.
The colors made me think of a mushroom and also Toad from Mario Brothers. So I went with it.

What do you think?
It makes me giggle. Though I think that the knit 3 together that it calls for should be a slip knit 2 together pass. I might make another one solid color and see how that looks.

I finished the baby kimono wrap for HT's cousin's little one. I think it will look really sweet on her. I also made some tiny booties to match and some bigger booties for lasting longer.

Grimlock thinks that the wrap makes a nice place to stand and demand attention.

And just for fun, a sign of things to come.
Every now and then it's good to get little potted plants for your house.
The ones that bloom are great things to have around.


Chris said...

It looks like there are bunnies on the hat!

Aw, poor Grimlock - I think he wanted to model the baby kimono. :)

Purple Purl Girl said...

Awesome hat! Love the Daffy-dils!

Nicole Lynott said...

I love it! Maybe you should show me how to make that, it might be easier than socks ;)