Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacation & Fashion

I find that I am becoming more and more interested in fashion.
The nice thing about that is that it allows me to visit many fun shops with vintage and vintage inspired clothing.

This is Donna's Dress Shop.
They had a nice vintage selection and some lovely small designer dresses.
I got 2 things here that you will see a bit later.

Lisa, my KC pal, also took me to Bon Bon atelier.
It felt like home.
There were artist made items, fabric, books and the shop-keep was knitting a sock.

In case you were wondering what the pink/purple thing on the ceiling is... its a roving ball of yarn with giant knitting needles. I love the wallpaper that is on the coved ceiling too.
I got the work book from here and one other thing I can't tell you about.
It is a house warming gift for one of my friends.

This is the vintage inspired dress that I got from Donna's. It's all one piece and I really love the pencil skirt.

Now this top is a true vintage find. It fits really well every where but the arms. So I'm going to have to take them out a little bit. There is also one other problem. I want to wear this with a cute brown or black skirt. But I don't have one that I like with it.

But I think this pattern from CraftyPlanet should solve that.
I'll have to let you all know how my adventures in sewing go.

So that's my vacation. I wish it was longer and shorter all at the same time.
It was great getting to see everyone and be away from the house, but boy where there things that I would have like to work on here.

The grass is always greener right :)

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