Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vacation = shopping?

When I go on vacation there are a few things that happen.
There is shopping, but not just any shopping.
Only things that you can't find in your home town are aloud to be purchased.

So when it comes to fiber... you have to go looking for LYSs.

This shop is Urban Arts and Crafts.
It was very cute and well put together. They had a bit of everything. It took me a while to find the yarn under all of it. Though they did have twice as much yarn as the other craft items.

I also found a cat there.
Her name was Annie. She had a little note on her basket that warned children to leaver her be. But I got to pat her on the head.

This shop, Florilegium,was the exact opposite of the modern every craft store.
I loved the wall of yarn jars. I might just have to display some of my yarn that way.

They also had tons of ribbons, beads and edging. I kinda wanted to steal the stained glass windows they had in hanging and leaning against their windows.

I haven't knit with any of the souvenir yarn yet.

I did get a lot of knitting done even with a 5year old wanting a lot of attention.

There was knitting by the pool...

I even got to knit in the car on the ride home.

I'm working now on my second sock. Its the Skew from Knitty.
I was skeptical at first. The sock starts to vear away from the toe very quickly. But it all worked out in the end. Sometimes trusting the pattern is the right thing to do.
Though I didn't switch down to smaller needles like it wanted me to for the ribbing. I was worried that the already snug sock wouldn't get over my heel if the top ribbing got to small.

It was a good thing I just stuck with my 1s. The left sock fits perfectly.

(to be continued....)


Knittymama said...

It's been so long since I've been an any new shops. Looks like fun!

Chris said...

Oh, sounds like a gorgeous little shop!