Friday, January 4, 2013


 There may or may not be a plan for this year.

It started off well enough art and creativity wise on New Years day with home made scones and a well styled photograph

And I have been spinning and am planing on learning how to core-spin in the next few days.

But then I thought I should organize the guestroom/my work room.

These are the before pictures.

As you can see, there is a bit of... well everything that has to be done. After an hour and a half, well I've picked up a bit, then taken everything out of the closets so I pretty much have to start all over again. 

One thing I did get done was to add another spot to stick things over my monitor.

They are just 2 Ikea trivets stuck to the wall with the 3m command things. 
But they will free up some desk space for me. Which is need. 

I'm fallowing along with Apartment Therapy's January Cure. It is to help get the house organize. So far so good. I have made a list of things in each room that need taken care of (though i bit off to much today) and I set up a box that will be a garage sale/out box.

So there is a plan for the house.
I'm working on a plan for making something everyday. I may post them, I may not.
I'm also working on a plan for me. The kind of  food/budget/job plan that can sometime make people feel overwhelmed.
Crossing my fingers that I can stay on track. 

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