Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting Art on the Walls

We have been living in our home for at least 3 years now. And I have only started putting artwork up on the walls in this last 6 months.
I guess I have always been worried that I would do it wrong, or it wouldn't look right, or some other thought of failure.

But the nice thing about the times we live in is the 3M command strips.
I don't have to put holes in the wall to hang things up. I don't have to fill and repaint when I put them up weirdly. 

Sometimes the hardest part is finding a frame. This screen print is from our friend Robert Pflaum. (Check out his work here)
It had been languishing in our art closet for some time.
I thought it would go nicely with our Adam Truman screen print and finally fount a frame at Blick (which will always be Dick-Blick to me) and wham, there she is, on the wall in all her bike glory. 

The only part that bugs me is the 2 frames are different depths.
The Truman was framed years ago as a gift to HT. The frame for the Plfaum was just purchased and I could only find the 2" deep kind for it. 
I like the 2" though, it gives the print more gravitas. 

This wobbly collection of photographs, prints and canvas needs some work.
But until I repaint the living room where it is house, it will just get randomly added to. No point taking it all down and starting over when I'm just going to have to repaint. (the 3M things are easy to use with out planing, but my pocket book would get a little thin if I started over here) 

There are 2 new things on the console there. One is a jar where i'm going to write down happy little random things for the year to look at on New Years at the end. The other is a vase of flowers. For the January Cure one of the tasks is to buy flowers for your house every week. This is the first week I have done it and the little $5 bouquet from Byerls' split up into 2 nice little arrangements. 
I have one of them in the bedroom on my nightstand. 

These 3 prints are also in the living room on the long barren wall. 
It isn't their final home I don't think, but I like having them up to look at. 
They are buy Etsy artist Elly MacKay. She makes 3D illustrations and photographs them. I love the depth they have because of this. 
Check out her shop and get one of her amazing prints for yourself. 

I have gotten a few other things started this week too.
The avocado plant that we started from a pit last year has been put in soil. 
We'll see if it stays alive.  

And I've started washing up some sample wool that I purchsed from Etsy seller Catawampus Farms. They are coming very clean and there is only a tiny amount of VM in them. (VM means veggie matter).The house only smells a little sheepy now.

I'm getting very good use out of the drying frames my friend Jillian made me for my birthday some years back. They fit perfectly over the sink and I don't have to worry about clogging the drains with wool. 

I don't think it would be much fun to clean the pipes after that ;)

As for now, it's off to knit a few things for my shop and stay warm inside. 

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