Wednesday, April 1, 2009

not funny.

It seems that we have gotten our first "trick" this morning. Snow, April 1st, not digging it.
It would be nice if the weather would just make up it's mind and get warm out.
My UC is acting up because of all this, warm cold wishy washy ness.

My shawl is almost finished. I'm just at the end of the charts. The plan is to finish it today.
Well the knitting part anyway.

Then the rest of the day (my day off (happy dance)) is going to be picking up around here.
It's more than a bit messy.

Here's to hoping the rest of April will be snow free.


Chris said...

Wait, I never saw snow like that today! Dang. What're y'all doing over there in NE? ;)

rina said...

That's Minnesota I guess. I always giggle the fact that in April we always get snow somehow.