Tuesday, April 21, 2009

While hiding, I've been...

I've been trying to grow things. These are flowers for Butter-flies.

This is a hanging pot thing, with ivy, tiny flowers (don't remember their name)
and some pretty pansies.

One thing people may not know about us knitters, is that most of us
are really quiet impatient. The knitting just keeps us occupied so that
we do not seem so antsy. It takes a lot for me to not try and force
(though I'm not a super sure how one really would, its not like plants
respond to threats) the plants to grow faster. I was really sad the other
day when only one of my tomato seeds was growing. Now there are
3 and that's pretty cool.

I haven't been to Knit-night at the Blue Moon Cafe for the whole month.
I really miss it, but the only one bathroom in the place makes me panic
a bit. I'm going to make it next week though, come hell or high water,
or something like that. I'm going to need to see the Ladies after a weekend
with the family. ;)

1 comment:

Chris said...

I feel your pain about bathroom panic. *hug* And family togetherness! ;)

Hmm - is that a Swedish ivy?